Survive & Thrive!

If your business is in a survival phase, you already know the challenge to stay afloat. Beyond survival, it's all about meeting and exceeding expectations from demanding stakeholders.

I can help you navigate this transformative journey and finance, done right, is the best way to do it. That is why I've tailored two unique services that will make finance your unfair advantage:

FiftyKay Lite – Priced at just $1k/month, it's the finance support hub designed for early-stage companies with limited resources. It provides the support you need to step beyond mere survival and lay the foundation of an enduring company.

FiftyKay – At $50k/year, this is your dedicated Strategic Finance Office, suited for companies with a minimum of $1m in Annual Recurring Revenue or equivalent funding. It's your strategic edge to not just meet but exceed stakeholder expectations and thrive in your industry.

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