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Why FiftyKay?

Most CFOs, whether they're in-house or outsourced, often have backgrounds in accounting and operational finance.

As a result, they often lack exposure to the strategic finance expertise commonly acquired in fields like Investment Banking, Private Equity or Venture Capital.

Likewise, they might not feel too confident with data analytics, which is actually a pretty big deal to understand the details of a business and meet transparency requirements.

FiftyKay fills this gap.

Strategic Finance

Critical - Communication with key (external) stakeholders necessitates compelling and informative narratives.

Operational Finance


Minor - Communication primarily directed towards internal management, leading to less emphasis on narratives.

Short-Term - Involves tasks like accounting supervision, budgeting, controlling, cash management, working capital, and credit.

Advanced - Engages in sophisticated analytics, including data processing, modeling and visualization - using modern notebooks.

Valuation - Growing and monetizing the equity value of the company.

Efficiency - Supporting internal operational efficiency within the organization.


Sell-Side - The CFO defends management positions and is subject to internal biases.

Basic - Primarily involves Excel modeling for budgeting and controlling, possibly incorporating business intelligence tools.

External - Ideally positioned outside the company, detached from day-to-day management. This detachment enables critical and strategic thinking.




C-Suite - Catering to the CEO and other CxOs (CMO, CTO, etc.).

Long-Term - Encompasses Financial Planning & Analysis, equity management, fundraising, M&A, investor relations & reporting.

Internal - Demands a physical presence (typically the CFO) within the office for managing routine tasks, overseeing workflows, and coordinating teams.

Buy-Side - The SFO reports to stakeholders adopting an investor or banker viewpoint.


Shareholders - Engaging shareholders and long-term financial partners.


Late Stage - Gains significance as the company matures, typically becoming more relevant around the 20 Full-Time Equivalent.


Any Stage - Becomes crucial as soon as the company aims to attract, engage, or satisfy shareholders and long-term financial partners.

Top 5 Benefits

... by Domain.

Financial Planning & Analysis

Equity Management

Fundraising / M&A

... by Use Case.

Stakeholders seeking transparency

Founders seeking funding

Founders seeking autonomy

Reducing the Agency Loss.

Investing time is not the same as investing money. They come with different risks, priorities, and interests.

This difference often results in a 'principal-agent problem,' where investors (the principals) rely on founders (the agents) to get things done.

If there is misalignment, misinformation, or mistrust between them, the company is at risk of internal conflicts, down round or even bankruptcy.

FiftyKay helps reduce this risk.

A Solution for Every Stage.

Emerging Stage (limited resources)

 FiftyKay may not be suitable at this stage.

Instead, consider FiftyKay Lite for $415 per month. This lightweight program is designed for entrepreneurs who can do the work themselves under FiftyKay's guidance.

It grants you access to FiftyKay's proven workflows and methods, provides 3 hours of one-on-one online mentoring each month, and offers unlimited email support. This program is custom-designed to assist emerging projects in building strong financial foundations right from the start, moving beyond survival mode, and guaranteeing essential transparency for key stakeholders.

Early-Stage (w/o CFO)



Ensure legal compliance with proper accounting and use FiftyKay to establish strong foundations that will grow your equity -organically or through fundraising. To qualify, the company needs at least USD 1 million in revenue or funding.

Free offer for qualified companies:
An equity roadmap that will ensure shareholder satisfaction and attract new investors.

Late-Stage (with CFO)





Your in-house CFO (or VP Finance) manages operational finance and related day-to-day workflows. FiftyKay can seamlessly extend this resource by providing a more analytical and strategic layer.

Free offer for qualified companies:
An organizational chart that will make the finance team your unfair advantage.

Let me take care of that.

Pat Ben

Strategic Finance Officer

Pat has a decade of experience in strategic finance and private equity, having worked with renowned institutions like Rothschild & Cie, Close Brothers, and SFF Financial Services in both France and Switzerland. Over the next ten years, he supported over 300 SMEs, including startups, growing businesses, and industrial companies. Pat holds economics degrees from Sorbonne and Dauphine universities, along with a master's in finance from HEC Paris.

The Deal.


The annual membership is CHF 50'000, excluding VAT. Note that the Swiss Franc (CHF) is approximately equal to USD and EUR. Quarterly payments are due within the first week of each quarter: January, April, July, and October. The first quarter is invoiced on a pro-rata basis.


I primarily report to shareholders and their representatives. I aim to align their interests, assist in decision-making, and satisfy them.


I help you craft scalable financial datasets, models, roadmaps, systems, and narratives. You can use these components to drive exceptional financial value, engage key stakeholders and monetize your equity.


I do what needs to be done according to a proven process, no more, no less. There is no timesheet: I do not monitor my time, and you should not either. Let's prioritize outcomes.


I usually suggest a 2-hour long initial "bootstrap" meeting followed by short meetings once every 2 weeks . Meetings will happen online by default. That being said, it'll be great to meet in person in my hometown, Geneva, Western Switzerland.


You can text or email me anytime and expect a prompt and insightful response. I can connect on platforms like Teams, Slack or Discord. For urgent matters, feel free to call me on my mobile.


We need some technology to plan, analyze and document your business. I use the same, carefully selected, tech stack for all my partners, so you can benefit from it too, at no additional cost.


You can cancel at any time with 1 week notice to the end of the quarter, and I can do the same. Upon cancellation, you receive a comprehensive backup of all your data, while I ensure the complete deletion of your information from both my device and the cloud.


FiftyKay offers a comprehensive packaged service designed to provide exceptional value at a competitive price point. In most cases, this service is sufficient. However, if you need additional customization, we can explore add-ons.

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