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Why FiftyKay Lite?

Early-stage companies have limited resources, which they allocate to activities delivering the quickest value, such as building a great product and taking it to market.

As a result, they often hire a VP of Finance too late, and may lack the necessary strategic dialogue required to build a long-lasting company.

Additionally, they may experience stress and isolation when confronted with complex financial or transactional matters, increasing the risk of making costly mistakes.

FiftyKay Lite mitigates these early financial risks.

FiftyKay Lite is a lightweight version of the comprehensive FiftyKay Strategic Finance Office.

Explore the detailed comparison below to make the best choice for your needs.

$50k/year - This pricing covers the complete range of financial services. It's an annual commitment that provides peace of mind and comprehensive financial management.

$1k/month - This base rate includes online mentoring and support. Quotes are provided for any additional services. The plan offers flexibility and can be canceled at any time.

Required - To fully benefit from the service, you need internal resources to implement guidance and follow the provided roadmap. This hands-on approach can be time-consuming.

All-Inclusive - Customers can access most services on-demand, without requiring extra purchases, making their experience comprehensive, swift, and efficient.

Late Stage - Tailored for more established companies with at least $1 million in Annual Recurring Revenue or equivalent funding. Typically, these are scale-ups and SMEs.

Early Stage - Ideal for startups and early-stage ventures without significant revenue or funding. It is designed to assist companies facing financial challenges on their growth journey.


Not included - Customers can purchase additional services like audits or consulting as needed. We offer a variety of add-ons (as shown below) to tailor your experience.

Strategic Finance - focuses on the crucial elements of Strategic Finance, with FiftyKay actively managing and executing strategic financial functions for more advanced financial oversight.

Internal Resources?

Who is it for?

What is it?

Support Hub - Offers monthly online financial mentoring for entrepreneurs who prefer a hands-on approach. It provides guidance and tools to help you manage your financial tasks. See below for details of the offering.

Not required - Our service is designed to handle most tasks independently in collaboration and coordination with your team - saving you valuable time.

General Finance - addresses a spectrum of business and financial topics tailored to entrepreneurs' needs. It provides support and guidance while allowing entrepreneurs to maintain direct management of their financial tasks.


Full-Service Solution - A comprehensive financial management service where all your Strategic Finance needs are handled by FiftyKay. We take care of everything, allowing you to focus on your core business. See the offering here.


"A la carte" Support

Enhanced Ongoing Support (included)

Economic & Financial Audits (add-on)

Expert Consulting Services (add-on)

Never feel alone again.

Entrepreneurship is challenging, with complex problems often faced under the constraints of limited resources. This can foster stress and a sense of isolation.

While team members, board members, and shareholders offer valuable advice, their perspectives aren't always neutral, and their availability can be limited.

Without access to unbiased and informed guidance, there's a real risk of overthinking, decision paralysis, or costly mistakes.

FiftyKay Lite reduces this risk.

A Solution for Every Stage.

Early Stage (< $1m ARR / Funding)



If you're at the early stages of your business or still validating your product-market fit with Annual Recurring Revenues below $1 million, FiftyKay Lite could be an appropriate starting point for navigating the financial landscape.

We recommend beginning with a "Kick-Start Review." This service provides an independent, investor-focused analysis of your business model and related documentation, offering insights that could be crucial for your company's development.

Late-Stage (> $1m ARR / Funding)

For businesses that have established product-market fit with an Annual Recurring Revenue of at least $1 million, or which have secured an equivalent amount in funding, the complete suite of FiftyKay Strategic Finance Office services may be more aligned with their needs.

This suite is designed to help your team utilize financial strategies more effectively, saving time and creating a significant impact. By leveraging finance as a tool, your business can accelerate growth and better meet the expectations of demanding stakeholders.

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Pat Ben

Strategic Finance Officer

Pat has a decade of experience in strategic finance and private equity, having worked with renowned institutions like Rothschild & Cie, Close Brothers, and SFF Financial Services in both France and Switzerland. Over the next ten years, he supported over 300 SMEs, including startups, growing businesses, and industrial companies. Pat holds economics degrees from Sorbonne and Dauphine universities, along with a master's in finance from HEC Paris.

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